The Most Romantic Things to Do in Mauritius

A honeymoon is the best and the most romantic part of the wedding. During this golden period, you get the chance to spend a quality time with your partner and also get a chance to know more about your soul-mate. High Mountains introduce you the most amorous destination to spend your honeymoon, and the name of the place is Mauritius. Everyone wants to spend time with their life partner in a romantic sunset. And for this nothing is better than a Mauritius because it is one of the most romantic islands on earth.


Sunset Catamaran Cruise


It feels great when you are with your partner in the middle of the sea and enjoying the crystal clear water and viewing the breathtaking scenery. Sunset catamaran cruise gives you the most unforgettable experience for the couples. You will likewise get the chance to see a delightful sunset, as the sun seems to hide behind the mountain scope of the East drift, and the sky changes colors offering a mix of colors in the sky.

Visit Rochester Falls


Rochester Falls is a waterfall which is located in the Savanne district of Mauritius. This place is famous for its rectangular flank rocks. Rochester is the widest waterfall in Mauritius and also one of the most popular tourist attractions. This waterfall is one of the most fascinating waterfalls you will ever see, the whole place is surrounded by sugar cane fields and banana plantations which makes this place a perfect backdrop for a romantic day out.

Set sail on a catamaran


When you take the cruise of catamaran you can find those parts of the island you never knew existed like mangrove swamps and volcanic shake arrangements. Sunset is the best time of day and, in case you’re fortunate, you may spot dolphins. White Sand Tours offers a radiant sailboat journey off the North Coast. You get amazed when you see the mesmerizing views of the sea.

Get high in a helicopter


If you explore all places of Mauritius then you should enjoy the breathtaking view of this beautiful city from high above. A helicopter ride during the time of sunset is the ideal approach to spending an evening and as you can envision, offers probably the most awesome perspectives of the island. Book a helicopter flight with Mautourco.


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