Best Things To See In Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the renowned destinations to get married and take a honeymoon. The island gloats flawless white shorelines, warm tropical waters and excellent rich greenery, making it the perfect honeymoon island. Mauritius is full of surprises you can enjoy on the white sands of beautiful beaches, explore crystal blue lagoons, coral islets and can go for a romantic walk in the gardens with your life partner. We introduce you with some interesting things, which you surely like and can your honeymoon period.

Grand Bassin


Grand Bassin is a lake high up the mountains and around 1800 feet above from the ocean level. This place is the most hallowed Hindu place on the island of Mauritius and there is a sanctuary committed to Lord Shiva. The general population of the island trust it is loaded with heavenly waters of the River Ganges in India, and individuals make journeys from their homes in the lake by walking in the event of Maha Shivaratri.

Chamarel Waterfall


Chamarel is the most elevated waterfall in Mauritius and its average height is almost 100 meters. Tourist visit here to see the natural beauty of the place, Climb the stairs to the survey stage at the top and take a look at the stunning waterfall as it hits the pool 100 meters underneath. The hillock is made by volcanic rocks which cooled at various temperatures and got to be distinctly squashed into sand which then subsided into various hues.

Black River Gorges National Park


Black River Gorges national park is the perfect place for those visitors who love the great outdoors. This national park extends more than 6574 hectares of land and you can climb its trees to see the local timberlands and untamed life. The thick backwoods are home to more than 300 types of blooming plants and in case you’re fortunate, you may see the well known pink pigeon, a bird endemic to Mauritius which practically got to be distinctly wiped out.

Skydive Mauritius


If you want to do something thrilling in your Mauritius holiday, then you surely have to try the ultimate skydiving. If you are doing this first time in your life, then you surely get an unforgettable experience and when you consolidate that with the perspectives over paradise on Earth, a Skydive in Mauritius will remain in your memory until the end of time.

Grand Baie


Grand Baie is a very popular resort of Mauritius, also known for its nightlife here you can find the island best bars and nightclubs, Zanzibar, including Banana Café, Les Enfants Terribles and the famous Buddha Bar. It is also famous for a variety of watersports including windsurfing, sailing, including diving and water-skiing.

Mauritius is also a favorite place for honeymoon couples and consider as one of the best honeymoon destinations. Every year, numerous couples from all over the come here to spend their honeymoon. If you are a newly wed couple and looking for a beautiful exotic destination to spend your honeymoon, then you must visit Mauritius. And if you want to plan something special for your life partner, then you can visit High Mountains, because they are one of the best trip planner which are able to fulfill your all requirements.


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