5 Reasons To Choose Srinagar – Leh Road Over Manali

It doesn’t generally make a difference what you do or how old you are, what actually matter is that everyone deserves a fresh open air and nice panoramic view of nature from time to time. We can all prefer a road trip for the refreshment of our senses and to live our life with little stresses. This will help us to forget all the troubles of our life and will rejuvenate our mind and our whole body senses. While viewing the nature in its actual frame and magnificence, you can even forget the notions of life in the city life and bring home some affectionate recollections about the place. When we talk about the road trip in India then nothing is better than a Shrinagar-Manali-Leh road trip. High Mountains introduce you with some awesome benefits of the road trip, which will help you to know more.

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Better Acclimatization, Less Health Trouble

If you feel tired during your road trip, then you can take rest whenever you want. When you are rising in height in the slow way this implies that your body gets more time to get acclimatized for the height elevation of Leh and you feel much improved. The more acclimatized your body is, the less wellbeing (intense mountain ailment) issues you will confront while you go to Ladakh from Srinagar – Leh Highway.

Enjoy The Views Of Manali – Leh Highway

The best to go on a road trip is that, you can see mesmerizing views of the snow covered mountains. Yet there are many chances to face some difficulties on the road because you are driving in a hilly area. But the serene beauty of the mountains makes you forget about all the difficult things of your travelling. Leh highway is the best way for road trips as compare to the other way round.

Distance and Time To Complete Your Trip

Many times due to the intense mountain disorder issues, numerous explorer going through Manali – Leh Highway change the schedule and tend to rest at Keylong or Jispa (around 120 KMs from Manali) at first night. At that point they begin right on time in the following morning from Keylong or Jispa to achieve Leh (around 350 km from Keylong) by sunset. Sarchu around 222 km from Manali, very nearly a mid point, is practically at a tallness of 4200 meters and causes some genuine intense mountain disorder issues numerous a times to numerous voyagers.

Tso Moriri Lake in the Itinerary

Ladakh is followed by numerous voyagers, if you travel Manali from Leh, then you can better place Tso Moriri lake in your agenda and spare a day for you. You can’t visit Tso Moriri while coming from Manali – Leh Highway since to begin with, you won’t have any grants and also, regardless of the possibility that you get the licenses by one means or another your body won’t be acclimatized to rest at high height of the Tso Moriri lake.


You Drive Through The Most Spell-Binding Landscape

From the lavish green woods, beautiful towns, snow-clad mountains, scaring profound abysses, winding Chandra Bhaga waterway at Jispa; mass of snow, no less than 8 to 10 feet high along the street side at Rohtang La and Barlach La to the infertile Moore Plains, where there’s not a piece of turf in sight and the radiant Gatta Loop, you will be observed to probably the most exciting perspectives along the Manali-Leh thruway. You will see this beauty you won’t have any desire to close your eyes even for a moment since it is a flicker and-you-miss scene! Road trip in the great Himalayan region is the best to refresh your senses and you’ll feel more relaxed when you visit this place.

Ladakh is the incredible place for those who love adventure and a Ladakh road trip is famous all around the world. Many tourists from all over the world visit here to explore the beauty of the Himalayas. If you also want to visit here, then you can make your plan with us because we provide you the most affordable budget tour packages for your dream road trip. Sometimes it’s better to spend some time with yourself and you can only do it by planing a road trip to Himalayan region where you can sit alone and enjoy your quality time.



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