Top Most Exotic Places to Visit in India

India is a place that is known for some mysteries. You can find many exotic places to visit there, some places are rough and desolated while some places are blessed with lavish greenery and stunning forests. You don’t need to find the beauty of India, you automatically explore it while visiting their beautiful lands with our budget tour packages. There are some most beautiful places which you must have to visit once in life. And get to know about the different culture heritage of the different cities.

Divine Beauty of Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is one of the most famous and romantic place which is located on the bank of river Jhelum at the north of the country. Stunning place is bounded by the stunning lakes like Dull lake, Nagin and Achar. If we talk about the best honeymoon destination, then Kashmir valley always stands on the top. Because the snow covered mountains, let this place the dream destination for everyone. You can spend your vacations on houseboats which are the central attraction of Kashmir.


Irresistible Beauty of Ladakh

Ladakh is the most fabulous place to visit in India. This beautiful place is bounded by two mightiest mountain ranges, Karakoram and the great Himalaya. We cannot express the beauty of this place in words. Every year, many bikers visit Ladakh because this place also provides you the unforgettable adventure road trip. Pangong Tso Lake is the center attraction of Ladakh that crosses the boundary to stretch from India to Bhutan.


Valley of Flower in Uttarakhand

Valley of flowers is the virtual paradise on earth which is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This alluring place is well known for its adorable meadows of alpine flowers. The place is also famous for the for its exotic variety of medical herbs. You can lose yourself when you see the beauty of this place. The fresh air and colorful blossoms make this place a world heritage site.

flower vally.jpg

Roopkund Lake

The Himalayan region is blessed with a few beautiful high elevation lakes. But Roopkund lake is only one which catches the maximum attention of the tourists. The average height of this lake is about 5,000 meters above from the sea level and is located in the Chamoli District of Uttaranchal. Because of some traditional myths this place is also considered one of the most mysterious place of India. But to visit this exotic place special arrangements are necessary and for special traveling arrangement you need the best Trip Planner, who can perfectly plan your trip. And High Mountains are best for this to make your trip memorable.



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